My New Free AO


As I started in Second Life, I found shoes with bling and a sexy walk. I was completely sure that this was the ultimative kick, but after watching myself with my hips moving from left to right, I felt seasick.

Since that day I’ve been searching for animation overriders (AOs), bought them and kept them safe and warm in my inventory, insecure about which one is the best for me.

About a year ago I fell in love with a male AO from akeyo. The guy using it moved back and forward in front of me. I was overwhelmed because I thought it looked so realistic. Some weeks later akeyo created a similar one for girls, and my ex boyfriend got annoyed when I was moving like a little ship in the rough sea in front of him.

I decided to wear an old one from vista………….

And now?

On xstreet I found my AO. It’s named ‘bright girl’ and sells for 0 lindens. There is also a ‘bright boy’ . . . . what a surprise!

This AO has little buttons. I can change my facial expressions, and some dances are also included–perfect for me! For now? For ever? Who knows! SL is developing so fast!

Get yours free on XSTREETSL

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