Mailbag: Where Can I Find Beatles?

Hi Shauna,

I was told you know where I could find Beatles in Second Life. Do you really know the Beatles?


Hey P.B.,

Well, funny you ask. My nickname in Second Life is Dear Prudence. The Chief Staff writer of SLFix is Paypabak Writer. One of our contributors is Richard from Liverpool, and if you ask him he might say something outrageous like “John Lennon? Sure I know him. He’s me grandfather!”


But in spite of this I regret to say I do not know the real Beatles. I do know the original Second Life Beatles, however, but they have not been too active lately. This is mostly due to SL John Lennon (Timothy Falta) not being on as much as he used to be, though ironically as I write this he just arrived to show me a bunch of t-shirts he’s made.

Some places for Beatles in Second Life that I know of are:

Magical Mystery Field: This is run by two of my best female friends in Second Life, Lovely Rita and Lucy in the Sky (also known as Magdalena Bing and Marianne Shan). They have a pretty field of happy sunshine with Beatle-ish stuff all over it. (Note: When the three of us are together we’re known as the Penny Lanes.)

Huge Peace of Mind: SL Paul McCartney and Lovely Rita live in this big mansion. Here you’ll find Beatles songs a plenty.

Liverpool: Home of the Cavern Club where the Beatles used to play, and a few stores (like Havercamp’s) with Beatles memorabilia. You’ll always hear Beatles¬† on the radio in Liverpool.

Dali’s Place: While searching for places I may have missed, I came across this club which seems to be dedicated to the Beatles.

Beatrain: Found this little store selling Beatles stuff: guitars, Beatles hair, drum set, etc.

Dear Prudence Arcade: This is my place. Inside the gaming arcade you’ll hear Beatles and bands doing tribute to them always. You may even see SL John Lennon.

Some groups you may want to join for Beatles events: Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles of SL, The Penny Lanes, and Dear Prudence.

Hope that helps, PB!

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